Searching the constitutional issues including the issue of censorship and defend the legitimacy have become\ but even must acquire special significance especially after the political, economic and social transformations which dramatically accelerated recently with respect to legal and \or legitimate researches of legal and political life. The change of the majority of concepts and issues that were taken for granted have constantly increased. A large part of what we knew in the constitutional researches have become under the threat of change which sweep more countries and communities extremely rapidly which require intensive and up-to-date follow-up in order to become, if frozen, a part of the past. 

The world that we knew, experienced, studied and discussed its pages and lines is no more as it was and it will never return again not because of the gradual historical development but because of the combination of changes that have occurred especially after the end of the first decade of the present century. These changes have reformed the world with different visions and new data that characterized by ancient rhythms and rapid changing results especially in the world of legal policy or political law (if it is possible to use to this expression), which makes us in many cases trying to rectify changes and shifts, and I personally think with great humility that we need to double the efforts and to realize or to keep-up-with the dramatic changes and this does not include or be limited to certain areas of science theory or intellectual ideologies, but it goes beyond this to affect the fact that all the achievements of human thought and all the outcomes of the entrenched experiment in human history.
Human’s life in whole everywhere have become or will necessarily become prone to sweeping changes and that communities or groups of people are used to the rhythm of slow time have to rush to pick up fleeing moments of time which almost implemented their capacity to catch up with this time as we have been doing over the history. There is no doubt that different areas of human thoughts and his long, bloody and sometimes antique efforts have been threatened by rhythm of change and its givens that may ruin important and great parts of the heritage of humanity in addition to the human long efforts that he exerted in the composition of communities on the shape it has reached. 

Perhaps the management of human life and the tools to deal with innovations including human thought axioms which reached across the long struggle for a better life makes us in need to ask the historical question about the way of developing communities under the vortex of change and the feasibility of maintaining the hard product of human thought and devise new solutions for issues which were centered on how you can make life better and brighter. 

From here, the establishment of the Constitutional Court came to be the master station to keep-up-with overall development process taking into consideration that the Constitutional Court is the main engine of the process of comprehensive reform led by king Abdullah II Ibn Hussein may God bless him to be basic block to stop the predominance of some authorities over other